Update On Hosted Site Restoration

Instead of trying to process requests one at a time, we have started copying sites that are in our backups on to the live servers.

We have done about 15,000 and have another 10,000 to copy over.

Once that is done, we will get all of the accounts into our system and you will be able to request a password.  We should have that ready to go on Wednesday.

On Wednesday (not before), you can request your password change here: https://useraccount.rootsweb.com/websites/requestChangePassword

If on Wednesday you do not see your site live, please let us know and we will try and help figure out the status.

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91 Responses to Update On Hosted Site Restoration

  1. Linda Boorom says:

    You have done a wonderful job. You really got things rolling getting all of the sites restored and I hope you know how we appreciate your hard work and it’s obvious that you are well aware how important those websites are to so many! If I could afford it, I’d send you and your family to Disney when you are finished with this project. Sure you will need a vacation 🙂

  2. What is the difference between “sites” and “freepages”? Are they intended to serve different purposes? Or am I missing something here?

  3. Gareth says:

    I have 3 sites, all restored now
    Have changed password on cwmgors OK but it doesn’t seem to work on ukwales2 and tirbach
    Do I need 3 new passwords as same email address?
    Using the change per link brings up cwmgors as default, how does one change that please?

  4. Gareth says:

    Email now includes All Accounts option but only ukwales2 and cwmgors listed separately
    ukwales2 is now working
    Have tried All Accounts option but tirbach still not working
    Is there a different email address associated with it as against [deleted email]

  5. LuAnn says:

    My site (http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~elsinger/genealogy/index.htm), which has two subsites, has been live for over a week but I’m still not able to change the password. Any suggestions?

  6. I am not able to connect to the server using FileZilla. I have tried several times and it either times out and retries or I get the same error as the other people are getting. I watched the video and as far as I can tell I entered everything correctly. My site is wishawa4.

  7. Frank Gruber says:

    Is the ftp site down?
    I’ve tried connecting to siteuser.rootsweb.com using two different SFTP clients for the past few days. Neither can find the site.

  8. My site http://sites.rootsweb.com/~txcoke has been restored and I texted you earlier that I couldn’t obtain a password change. You replied that you had updated my email and to try again but I still can’t get any response to the password change request. Shirley Cullum [deleted email] turned the site over to me in 2008 and Brenda Hines [deleted email] joined the site recently as co-CC. Thanks for your help.

  9. Could you give an update on this site ~inallcem
    The Allen County Cemetery Project.
    Still not able to access.

  10. Frank Rooks says:

    I have 4 Family Trees on RW World Connect, under the following names:
    rooks2348, knaggs3919, vanallen5207, blanchard8236

    I have no trouble getting to the first three through the RW World Connect website, but when I search for blanchard8236 I get the following message: “Database blanchard8236 doesn’t exist or has not been configured.”

    Please advise.

    • Until we rewrite and bring back the World Connect system, this request will have to be put on hold.

      • frank says:

        One less for you to worry about, Anne, it is my mistake. The correct Family Tree name is not . No problem accessing the family tree now. Sorry!

        Have not been able to update my four trees for more than a year. What’s your target date for reinstating this interface?

  11. Hi Anne, so glad you’re here to help walk us through this. I filled out the request form on July 20 to have my freepages restored. I have checked everyday with no luck. I was hoping my website would be restored with the other 10,000, but it’s still not there. Could you check and see what my status is? (~npmelton) My old email was mmelton@rcsis.com

  12. I am not able to change my password for the ~chance or ~lindv accounts. I get an error message when I click on any of these links (which I know will be invalid when you read this post):

    Change password for account: chance

    Change password for account: lindv

    Change password for account: All Accounts

    The error message for all is “This site can’t be reached
    The webpage at https://useraccount.rootsweb.com/websites/changePassword?requestId=a941087d-7488-4974-9ee8-abe7040b9426&ahsht=2018-09-14T23:46:28.357Z&ahsh=7e10902c6bd8431a975b7f51e42d7459 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    Any help appreciated. 🙂 Thank you Anne!

  13. Rebecca Ann Jordan says:

    I just checked my old rootsweb genealogy database, one that I have been able to see, but not update.

    It is showing live people.

    Who do I contact to get my database down, like NOW?

  14. I am able to access my site but still not received an email to change my password. I apply for it but nothing comes.

  15. Joe Hartwell says:

    Hello Anne, I waited until after Wednesday and still can’t access my web site. I had previous to Wednesday submitted a request for new password and did get that. Also submitted that my site be reinstated. Also have used the SFTP in place of the old FTP settings. Can you help.

  16. Referencing passwords for two hosted websites and their related files/folders: ~nmsodar AND ~nmcdcdar
    I should be listed as the “owner” for both websites. On both websites I am shown as the Webmaster. Through the years the transfer of “ownership” has not been completed properly and no one seems to know what email address is associated with either website. The original creators many years ago were possibly Anita Palmer and/or Cheryl Jackson neither of which want to be associated with these websites any longer. Please help me access these sites, they are terribly outdated and incorrect information is being seen by the public.

  17. Anne, I still can not get a new password request sent to my email. My site is up. And I’ve tried numerous times, but I still get nothing.

  18. I have submitted the password request form many times over the past few weeks but have never gotten a response. My email has been the same for years. Could you please check on this? Thanks.

  19. Tom Poole says:

    I’m just a simple but long time user. For years, I’ve periodically updated my family tree and don’t understand the terminology. For example, what’s a “hosted web site?” Do I need a new password or just a new address for updating my tree?

    • Hi Tom,

      It sounds like you use our World Connect feature on RootsWeb. A Hosted Web site is where you FTP content. If you’ve never done that you can ignore the Hosted Web Sites discussions. 🙂

  20. H Waldrop says:

    When may we expect Rootsweb World Connect to be operating normally?
    We have had a copy of our data base at World Connect for over 13 years; and , it is updated on a regular basis.
    When will full service be restored?

  21. GWSharp says:

    I can browse to my site and see everything there so assume it has been restored
    (although have received nothing in the way of an email saying so).

    Cannot connect with Filezilla or Core, get message saying permission denied cannot connect etc.
    When I attempt to connect the following appears:
    My settings are set per your site instructions:
    Protocol: SFTP – SSH
    Host: siteuser.rootsweb.com Port blank
    Logon: ask for password (Normal with password inserted also does not connect)
    User: bethlehemcommunity
    Password: copied and pasted (was reset twice)
    Thank you

    • You are using the old url. Do not use sftp://bethlehemcommunity@freepages.rootsweb.com use sftp://sitesuser.rootsweb.com

      I also suggest that you read these instructions: http://rootsweb.blog/2018/07/19/getting-into-the-new-version-of-your-hosted-web-site/

      • GWS says:

        Host is set as: siteuser.rootsweb.com with port blank.
        Get following in Filezilla message log when attempting connection:
        Connecting to siteuser.rootsweb.com…
        15:51:33 Response: fzSftp started, protocol_version=8
        15:51:33 Command: open “bethlehemcommunity@siteuser.rootsweb.com” 22
        15:51:37 Error: Network error: Permission denied
        15:51:37 Error: Could not connect to server
        Get the following CoreFTP message log when attempting connection:
        Can’t establish connection —-> siteuser.rootsweb.com
        SFTP connection error – The specified address is not available
        Re-read the suggested instructions and setting still seem as instructed.
        Protocol: SFTP – SSH
        Host: siteuser.rootsweb.com, Port blank
        Logon: ask for password
        User: bethlehemcommunity
        Password: copied and pasted (was reset twice)
        Again, thank you.

        • Use sitesuser.rootsweb.com (sites is plural)

          • GWS says:

            Since all ftp data seemed to be in order, talked to my internet provider, they changed something and I can now connect by ftp.
            All is now good.
            Thank you for your patience and help.
            It is good that Rootsweb is back and I can update all my changes made since Dec 2017.
            Again, Thank you.

  22. Hi my website ~engggfhg was made available for me to view a few weeks ago, but I’ve been unable to connect and update, Chrome tells me the site is insecure. I have tried a new password a couple of times, but no luck in connecting.

  23. Amanda says:

    Our site is back up (http://sites.rootsweb.com/~ilchs/) however I can’t get into the FTP site to make changed. I tried a password reset but the person that originally set up the site and quite possibly used their email address is no longer with our society. What can we do?

  24. Ralph Sobek says:


    I used to have counters on certain of my web pages :

    But they do NOT work anymore! So what should I do ?

    –Ralph (~sobek)

  25. Paul Holmes says:

    I have run across one bit of script inserted in one of my web pages – not by me. Before the restoration of my pages they were often found inserted in the text at odd places – even splitting html formatting sequences, usually the scripts appeared after I had used the editor program supplied by Rootsweb. I have removed it from the page. The script follows:

    By the way thank you much for helping get my pages back online and freeing up a new password for me.

  26. Hi Anne,
    I hate to keep asking questions but I have tried the free help and although the people there are wonderfull, they can’t find my site either. When I open the server I am taken right to my folder of wishawa4. I am not given a chance to go into a community like schools, genealogy or public which I always did before. Maybe this isn’t a factor but I have loaded several pages and nothing comes up. I still see the 403 error online.
    Do I need to redo something on my index page that I am overlooking? I have even tried using different ftp programs and I get the same results. I should be using the Public access. I have a Public folder inside the wishawa4 folder that I am not sure where it came from, but it does not open. Any clues as to what I am dong wrong? I have evn gone and changed my password a second time with the same results.

  27. Anne,
    I have had a Rootsweb account for 21 years. The initial email was discontinued and I added a new email which has since also gone defunct. It is the email that a new password request would be sent from. I can no longer access my rootsweb account or change passwords. My account has been been restored.
    Please advise and how I can continue with my account.

  28. james gross says:

    hello, please advise when my genealogy site, gross-steinberg, will be available: http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~larklane/genealogy/

  29. Amanda says:

    Hello Anne

    My pages are back up now — which is great, and thank you — at freepages.rootsweb.com/~mossvalley , but I’ve been unable to reset the password. I see an online acknowledgement message, “A Password request has been sent to xxx”, but nothing has arrived after two attempts.

    Previously (before the Freepages went offline), I used an email address which no longer exists now, so at the reset password page I entered my current address — same as here.

    Are you able to help, please?
    Thanks so much.

  30. Daiyu Hurst says:

    I’d offer to help, but I hate PHP, and nobody uses Python for websites.

    Best wishes for the continued effort.

  31. Hello Anne
    Many thanks for restoring most of my pages
    I had 54 pages in my Site and I got back 38. Happy with your effort
    But I do have a problem. Some months before Rootsweb switch off the Freepages
    I was about to work on my Site so I changed my Index page and posted a new Index page with the wording saying ” This is a Tempory Home Page ” and I turned off all the Links.
    My original Index Home page I altered its name.
    One of my restored Pages shows my Temporary / Index page and I need my original Index page which is in the group of 16 pages that have not been restored. Please note, from the 16 pages, I only need my original Index page. Can this be found and restored.
    I have copies of both the Temporary & Original pages in my Site at Webs,com

    Temporary page

    Original Index / Homepage


    Also, can you please show me how to get to my File Manager

    Many Thanks

  32. My pages for the Iroquois County Genealogical Society at http://sites.rootsweb.com/~ilicgs/ are up but I was not able to reset my password.

  33. TBarron says:

    In the past when I searched for genealogy with Google, Bing, etc., rootswebs sites were prevalent in the searches, but now it seems that Google does not know Rootsweb exists and no references are shown.
    Any idea as to why is this now happening as opposed to in the past?

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